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Agriculture is the backbone of Indian Economy. The nation's growth begins with agricultural prosperity as it initiates sustainable development of humanity. It helps in land cultivation, providing basic raw materials to cater the needs of the society and breeding of plants and animals. However, the problem of upbringing the standards in agriculture is challenging due to less allocation of funds to farming and inadequate exposure to latest technologies in improving its standards. Technological advances coupled with new financial and environmental policies are the need of the hour. The rural development is left without significant focus on its progress affecting the standard of living of farmers. Some of the major contributing factors for decline in healthy yield are given below:

and so on.

Can your idea maximize returns and lower risks in agriculture, or perhaps find a better balance between production and consumption?

Problem Statements

  1. Management of water distribution to agricultural land to minimize the loss and suggest potential linking of water sources
  2. Detection of adulterants in food
  3. Facilitation of purchase of fresh farm products from local vendors
  4. Identification of diseased crops at an early stage
  5. Decision support system to farmers that supports weather prediction using the historical weather data, germination of seeds, check on ground water level & fertility of soil, growth of potential crops in suitable geographical areas etc