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Social Welfare

The society where we live in has a mixture of different classes of people. It is essential to meet basic human needs such as food and shelter. Government and other non- profit organizations create schemes and legal awareness for citizens and residents of society. This provides enlistment of backward community and differently able people. The empowerment and improvement of social status of such people is the prime motto in the planning and execution of all special initiatives. Some of the policies let users pin the issues in a locality, gain support from the public, escalate the issues, and track the response of the government/municipal body. It provides a platform for users to discuss on various aspects related to social welfare policies in India. The following problems are prevalent in the society

Can your idea create state-of-the-art devices to create, improve or manage workable solutions that address social issues?

Suggest your ideas to overcome these problems.

Problem Statements

  1. Quick clearance and efficient tracking of Ambulance at traffic signal points
  2. Smart traffic management
  3. Less food wastage saver
  4. School kids education
  5. Involvement of local bodies in distribution of food, and management of resources and shelters during earth quakes, floods, cyclones, Tsunamis etc