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Women Safety

India is known for its tradition and varied cultural heritage. Women are given respect since ancient time. Gone are the days where women are restricted to stay inside houses. Nowadays, we can see that women excel in all possible spheres of life. The mindset of the people is more focused towards imparting western culture in day to day lifestyle. This disrupts safety of women and places a major risk factor in today's modern world. The number of death rate figures due to harassment against women increases rapidly. Women safety should be taken seriously and the technology grip in protecting women should provide a conducive atmosphere in brightening the future of women in all aspects. Some of the most common crimes against women are given below:

and so on.

Can your idea supports safe guarding women and offers a helping hand in resolving harassment issues and help in achieving a sustainable society?

Problem Statements

  1. Pregnancy monitoring system
  2. Safety enhancements in public places for women with children
  3. Smart wearable devices for tracking and monitoring
  4. Development of a common virtual space where women can inform others about various levels of threats they receive in their working environment
  5. Escalation of issues to the next level, sharing of experiences to caution people while respecting privacy